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  • 产品名称: Double-spindle CNC Vertical Drilling Machine
  • 产品编号: b004
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【Features and Application】

●This is a double-spindle special machine tool. With different rotating speeds of two spindles, it can be used for drilling-reaming or coarse reaming-finish reaming and other processes. The machine tool is mainly applied to the industries of anchorage devices, flanges, valves and so on.
●The machine tool has a reinforced double-spindle structure. This kind of spindle features good accuracy, as well as high axial and radial rigidity; the two spindles can be used for respectively clamping different cutting tools; workpieces are automatically positioned at the spindle II for finish machining after the spindle I completes coarse machining; with one-time clamping, coarse and finish cutting processes (or two holes with different apertures) can be completed without tool change, thus substantially reducing auxiliary time, and obviously improving the working efficiency.
●Pneumatic or hydraulic chucks can be mounted according to user requirements.


Product specifications
 Main technical specifications
ZK5140S ZK5140SF
Maximum drilling diameter (in the tensile strength 500 ~ 600mpa steel) mm 40 40
Maximum feed resistance KN 16 16
Allowable maximum torque of the spindle Nm 350 350
Spindle motor power KW 4 (frequency conversion motor) 4 (frequency conversion motor)
Spindle Taper --  Mohs No.4  Mohs No.4
Spindle hole axis to the guide surface distance mm 335 335
Spindle travel mm 250 250
Spindle travel (manual) mm 470 470
Spindle center distance mm 220 220
Spindle speed (optional) r/min 70-125 70-125
150-350 150-350
450-800 450-800
900-1400 900-1400
Feeding speed X, Y, Z mm/min 0.6-3000(X、Y)
Fast forward speed X, Y, Z mm/min 8000(X、Y)
Worktable size mm 850×450 1100×450
Working area mm 710×350 960×350
Table travel X × Y mm 700×400 850×400
T-slot width of the table mm 18 18
Maximum distance from spindle face to table mm 650 650
positioning accuracy mm 0.05 0.05
Repeatability mm 0.02 0.02
Dimensions mm 1550×1530×2512 1800×1530×2512
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