Background checks and more

Why run a background check and what do you get?  There are several reasons to run a background check besides the normal ones that pop into your mind.  Pre-employment and tenant screening are the ones most people think about.  DC Private Investigations is not a credit reporting agency, the only information that could be provided would be liens, judgments, and bankruptcy.  

Does your ex have a new boy/girlfriend that is spending time with your child/children?  Are you dating someone and want know more before you continue your relationship?  What do you know about them?   I offer background checks to give you peace of mind.  Contact me if you need a Comprehensive Background Check.  

Looking for someone?  An old high school buddy, relative, etc., let me see if I can track them down for you.  

Is there a number that keeps calling?  Let me run a Reverse Phone Lookup.  

NOTE:  You are advised that any information provided to may NOT be used to harass, stalk, or to cause harm in anyway to the individual listed in the report you receive.  Use of this information for any other purpose than stated is unlawful.  DC Private Investigations would provide local law enforcement with all information received if any harm comes to the subject of the background check. By proceeding to the background form, you are agreeing to use this information for the reason you list on the form and no other.