Have things changed in your relationship?  Do you think your partner is cheating?  If you have a gut feeling your spouse or partner is being unfaithful, they probably are.  Here are a few signs you may have noticed.

Behavioral Changes – Has your spouse/partner started going to the gym, taking more interest in their appearance?  Are they short with you and seem to be starting fights so they can leave?  Working late and going to work early?

Guarding their cell phone – Does your spouse/partner get calls that they have to take in private or texting a lot.  Do they keep their phone close by at all times?  Do they have a password on their phone?

Credit Card Charges – Are there charges on your credit card for items you never saw?  Lunch or dinner charges that look like it was for two?

There are several warning signs you’ve probably seen but just don’t want to believe it could happen to you.  I’m not proud to say this, but I’ve been married twice and have been in other relationships where I felt things had changed. So I understand how you feel.

If you think your spouse/partner is cheating, let me help you find out the truth.

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