Child Custody

Divorce is never easy especially when there are children involved. Been there and done that so I know how ugly things can get.  Being a mom of two now grown children, I’ve had my own issues.  I have friends and co-works that have been there and heard a lot of crazy things.  If you’re in the middle of a divorce or a custody battle with your ex, you’re number one concern is what’s going on when you’re not around.

Here’s a brief summary of a custody case I’m currently working.  The names have been changed as to protect my clients identify and approved by the client to be posted here.

Jane Doe contacted me in regards to a custody case for her grandson with her son’s (father of the child) permission. The mother of the child, Mary Smith, has two other children with another man she claims doesn’t live with her.  The father of the other two children, Joe Brown, was arrested for drug possession a few months ago. Mary Smith claims she doesn’t live with Joe Brown.  After several days of surveillance, I was able to provide photos of them together with all three children.  Joe Brown works a swing shift and they share a car, I was able to provide photos of him leaving the house in the afternoon heading to work.  I went to his place of employment and took photos of the car at work.  I waited at the house for several nights and finally saw Joe Brown come one one night after midnight.  Joe Brown is not supposed to be around my clients child without supervision. 

If you need to know who is around your child/children when you ex has them, I can help you find out what’s really going on.

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