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Looking for someone?

A old high school buddy, military buddy, relative, etc., let me see if I can track them down for you.  I've located several of my old unit members to schedule some get togethers.  Let me help you reunite with someone you have lost touch with.  The cost varies depending on how long it takes to locate the person.  Common names such as Jones or Smith could result in 100s of records in a basic search.  Searches are done through data bases available to licensed private investigators. A basic search starts at $35, additional searches may be required to locate the right person's address and phone number.  

In a recent case, I was unable to locate information on the subject as she just turned 75 years young and the client hadn't seen the person since their late teens.  The previous last name wasn't listed in any of the databases since most don't go back that far.  A Comprehensive Background check listed relatives that were contacted and after a few attempts back and forth, a current name and address was acquired.  A road trip to the address turned out just as hoped, the lady was home and was willing to place a phone call to the client.

The more information you have on the person will assist in keeping the cost as low as possible.  A retainer up front for the basic search is required prior to the search being completed.  If the information isn't available upon the first attempt, additional charges will be discussed and paid prior to continuing. 


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DISCLAIMER:  You are advised that any information provided may NOT be used to harass, stalk, or to cause harm in any way to the individual listed in the report you receive.  Use of this information for any other purpose than stated is unlawful.  DC Private Investigations would provide local law enforcement with all information received if any harm comes to the subject of the your request.