Before I spend my money, I know I shop around and compare prices.  I know you’ve done the same.  If you’ve done your homework, you know that hiring a Private Investigator isn’t cheap, nor should it be.  If you hire a licensed plumber you’re paying for his or her knowledge and skills.   I’ve seen plumbers who charge $75 an hour plus parts. The same goes for a P.I.  I’ve put the time and money in to getting my individual and agency license, plus being bonded.  You’re paying a P.I. to sit and wait for the “money shot” that can be the winning photo(s) to prove to a judge that your spouse/partner has cheated on you or that your child is in the company of someone who shouldn’t be there.  If it was easy, everyone would do it. Trust me, it’s not as glamorous as it looks on TV or the movies.  Sitting for hours just waiting for someone to come out of their house, following them and getting photos can take time.

The more information you can provide, the less time I have to sit, the less money it costs you.  What’s it worth to you to when it comes to a divorce or child custody?  Since I’m semi retired, I’m not counting on your business to pay my bills.  I love being retired but not sitting around watching TV all day.  I enjoy working on websites part time and look forward to working a few cases a month.  Time is money.  Since I’m retired and working for myself, I can offer my services at a reasonable cost.

You certainly don’t want to pay me to find out information you already know, right?  You’re paying a P.I. to provide information you don’t know.  You’re paying a P.I. to wait, watch and provide you with photos and/or videos.  To provide you with daily updates and reports you can provide to your lawyer if needed.  You’re paying a P.I. to testify on your behave in court if needed.

I’ve looked at a few P.I. sites that show their rates and most range from $85-$95 an hour.  I’ve seen several offer 20 minutes on the phone for free and then charge an hourly rate to continue talking about your case. All of them require a retainer of at least $500 to start.  If you were going to be doing surveillance, you certainly wouldn’t what to sit for hours and not get paid for your time.  Don’t forget some of that time is probably in the middle of the night and maybe not in the best neighborhood.

I’m currently not armed but have plans of upgrading my license to armed, with anything it’s a matter of time and money.  In a perfect world, with all the information you provide, you’d think it shouldn’t take long to get the information you need.  Wrong, you can’t control other people so it can be a waiting game.

I charge an hourly rate of $65 plus $0.75 mileage and expenses.  I will provide you with daily updates via text and/or emails to include photos/videos.  I provide you with a final report so you can make an informed decision to move forward.  You can call and talk to me about your case for 30 minutes for free and $65 an hour after that.  I require a retainer of minimum of 4 hours to start.  You’re also paying for my time to complete reports, burn photos/videos to a CD.  If I have to testify in court, the cost is $100.


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