VPOs and a P.I.

Did you know that if someone has a A Victim Protective Order (VPO)  against you that you can’t hire a P.I. to do surveillance on that person?

You could still violate the restraining order. You cannot have a third party to do something that you yourself cannot do. If you cannot follow the person, which you cannot, you cannot have someone else do so.

I’ve worked a case with another P.I. who later had to go to court for the client.  Once he got to court, the client’s lawyer told the other P.I., sorry he wasted his time, the client had violated the VPO his soon to be ex-wife had against him.

I had a client a few months ago that hired me to follow the father of his grandchild.  I did surveillance for about an hour. Later talking to the client, I found out the father of the child had a VPO against the clients’ daughter, needless to say I didn’t work for him anymore.

I had another person call me about locating the daughter of the lady who lived downstairs from him, which I could have done, however, the lady was about to file a VPO against him so I couldn’t do any surveillance on the neighbor.

The moral of the story is, if you have a VPO against you, don’t call a P.I.